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Kamphaeng Phet Province

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    Kamphaeng Phet is an ancient city of more than 700 years, situated on the left bank of Mae Nam Ping and was formerly called "Cha Kang Rao" and "Nakhon Chum". It is an important archaeological site and its impressive ruins attest to the splendor of its early past.
    Kamphaeng Phet occupies an area of 8,607.5 square kilometers and is located 358 kms. from Bangkok. It is administratively divided into 7 Amphoes and 2 King Amphoes: Muang, Phran Kratai, Khlong Khlung, Khanu Woralaksaburi, Sai Ngam, Lan Krabu, Klong Lan, King Amphoe Thung Sai, and Pang Sila Thong.