The chedis of Chao Aye and Chao Yi, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province

King Sam Phraya was established two chedis as a commemoration for his brothers
who died in the fight between each other
This two chedis belonged to the two elder of King Intharacha's three sons, who both returned to Ayutthaya to seize the throne when they heard of their father's death. Meeting near the palace, they fought a duel on elephant back and both were killed. The youngest son who was not involved in the fight, then automatically ascended the throne as Phra Borom Rachathirat. To make merit for his dead brothers, the new king built two chedis on the spot where they died.
Pagoda Chao Aye Phraya -Chao Yi Phraya is located across the east Maharath Road, at Pa Than Bridge, Tambon Hoa Law in area known today that "Circus of Chao Aye and Chao Y" is centered between the Wat Mahathat and Wat Rat Burana. King Ramathibodi II (Chao Sam Phraya) created the Act in 1967 to commemorate the Chettha to which both his battle to win the throne until the end of the same people at the pagoda at the Chao Aye and Chao Yi has been restored in year 2514.

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