Thai Boat Museum (Pitoon Hommara House), Ayutthaya
Thai Boat Museum is located between Horattanachai Road and Bang-Eant Road at Pitoon Hommara' Teacher House, and in front of Wat Maha That.

Chinese Junk (above) and Thai Junk (below)

Water and the lives of the Thai people have always been inextricably related. In the past rivers and canals played a significant role in terms of political and geographical strategy, administration, trade and communications. The traditional boat song played during Royal Boat processions also indicate that Thai arts and culture were in some way connected with water.

Old Thai sailing boat (below and above)

To this day, waterways continue to play a significant role in certain communities. The dozens of temples on the banks of rivers and major canals reflect the close relationship between Buddhism and villagers living along the river banks. In the morning monks can be seen rowing small boats to receive alms from villagers waiting on the river banks.

Paddle boat

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