Bung Phra Ram (Nong Sano), Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province

The old Wat Rang Kla Dam at the north of Bung Phra Ram
This is a natural lake which can be found at the Centre of the city of the north relates that when King U-Thong founder of the city, sent his men for a survey in the area, they found a hermit worshipping before a fire by the Nong Sano (Sano Lake). Upon the suggestion of the hermit regarding the area of the city, King U-Thong then moved his people from the other side of the river and established the Capital in the suggested area.

The old Wat Sungkanud at the east of Bung Phra Ram

It is thought that when the King had his palace and some temples (such as Wat Maha That and Wat Phra Ram) constructed, builders might have dug up some of the soil from the banks of the Nong Sano to support the constructions. The lake then became wider than its original size and has since come to be known as Bung Phra Ram (or lake of Phra Ram).

The old Wat Rang Kla Dam at the north of Bung Phra Ram

Phra Ram Park or Bueng Phra Ram Park, located at Pratoochai Sub-district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya district, is full of ancient temples such as Wat Phra Ram. It is believed to have been constructed before Ayutthaya period. It was formally called Nong Sa Noh or Bung Chee Khun, with an area of 274 rai and there are remarkable sacred places.
Phra Thinang Yen is in front of Wat Phra Ram in the east, but the one we can see nowadays is a new construction (1956). It was originally the residence of the venerable monk who was the abbot of this temple or might might be a pavilion for watching folk ? poem singing competition on boats during the rainy season in those days.
Ayutthaya Maha Prasat is a shrine with three spired roofs connected together. There are stairs in front and an archway in the rear. It is sided by an archway connected to Prasart. The Prasart is located on the twelve ? indented base, 0.35 metres high. The structure is made of concrete with iron. The walls are stucco decorated by stain glasses and guilt. There is a statue of King Ramathibodi I (King U - Thong) enshrined on the marble pedestal, in which his and five former king's spirits remained.

Phra Thinang Yen at the east of Bung Phra Ram

The old Chedi at the middle of Bung Phra Ram


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