Trip to Ayutthaya by boat

Photo : Wat Chai Watthanaram.

Photo : Aerail veiw of Bang Pa-In Palace.

New ways to see Ayutthaya.
Trip to Ayutthaya by boat had 2 alternatives routes. The first on was to cruise around Wat Niwet Thammaprawat which its design was of Gothic art and it was offered to the Thammayutti order of monks. This temple was constructed by the Royal command of King Rama V. The first round boat for this route will depart from Bang Pa-In Palace at 9.00 hrs. It was on service at each hour until 15.00 hrs. with the fare of 60 Bht/person. The other route was to travel along Chao Phraya River, starting from Bang Pa-in Palace directed to the city of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya with the fare of 170 Bht/person. Its service will provided only on Saturday and Sunday. Touring along this route, significent ancient places may be observed such as Portuguese village, erected on the west bank of Chao Phraya River, at the south of Ayutthaya province. Once in the reign of King Chai Raja (1534-1546 A.D.), Portuguese people came into Siam and joined in the war with Thais. Because of Thais' victory, Portuguese then was pleased by the King at that time and was given the land for being the residence.
Opposite to Portuguese village, on the east bank of river, was Japanese village. Japanese came into our country to trade with Thai people in the reign of King Thamma Raja (1569-1590 A.D.), and then migrated from Ayutthaya after their camps were burnt down. Next was Hollander village. The Hollander also came to trade with Thais with East Indian Co.,Ltd. as their representative company in Siam. We obtained lots of benefit from goods of these Hollander.
Prior to the point where Pasak River and Chao Phraya River were gathered, we could notice Wat Phanan Choeng on the east side of river. It was the temple where seated the principle Buddha image called "Luang Phor Phanan Choeng" or "Sam Pa Kong" called by Thais of Chinese origin.
Gliding upstream to Wat Phutthaisawan, lying on the west bank of river, found the residence of Phra Phuttakosajarn located in the temple's area. Lots of mural paintings aged around 300 years were drawn on the internal wall of this residence which were the illustration of the ten incarnations of the Buddha on the west side of the wall and painting of Phra Phuttakosajarn while going to Sri Lanka by junk on the east side. Others were the masterpieces of artists in the late Ayutthaya period.
Wat Chai Watthanaram was the last destination we stopped over. Its constructing pattern was different from other temples. There will be a huge prang as a center surrounded by smaller ones. All of these were the most important part of temple called "Phuttavas" (the domain of temple) located at the front part of temple and "Sunkkavas" (the domain of monk) located on the back part. Overall were surrounded by 3 rows of brick wall. Its constructing character looked like Sumeru Mount, the central of universe, influenced by Khmer design.
New ways to see Ayutthaya.
  • The best way to see the stunning Summer Palace at Bang Pa-In is by boat. The powerful River Jet, which seats 82 passengers, provides 20-minute cruises around Wat Nivesthammapravat, at 30 baht per person. With seven cruises a day tickets are available at Bang Pa-In, Tel. (035) 261 548.
  • The Krung Sri River Hotel will charter its Krung Sri Princess cruiser for groups wishing to sail around Ayutthaya island and visit Bang Sai Art and Craft Centre. The charter fee is 8,000 baht for 3 hours around Ayutthaya, 13,000 baht for 4 hours to Bang Sai, and 15,000 baht for a 5-hour cruise covering both Ayutthaya and Bang Sai.
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