Wat Sam Wiharn, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province
Wat Sam Wiharn where there is the 500 years old reclining buddha which most beautiful, it's lenght 20 metres. Wat Sam Wiharn lies confiscated at Klong Bangklod in Amphore Muang, Ayutthaya.

The 500 years old reclining buddha

Chedi Wat Sam Wiharn

White buddha image

The Bi Sama had a hole that King Naresuan Maharat's army shot the Burmese army in
Wat Sam Wiharn and one of bullets-cannon cut down the Bodhi Tree

From Ayutthayastudies online: "Liberate the nation of the king Taksin the Great; Part: Follow the trace of Phraya Klang", "When he was 13 years old, Chao Phraya Jakkri Samuhanayok has made the traditional hair cutting ceremony as a son of local officials. The villagers who attended the sacred ceremony have seen the miraculous event occurred again. There was a large group of bees hold at Benja pouring water for 7 days and separated after finishing ceremony. The boy sin has been invited to ordain at Wat Sam Wihan (Recently far away from Wat Cherng Tah 2 km. passes Wat Na Phra Men, across Bangkhuad bridge entering the temple. Recently, Phra Kru Wiboon Ajarn Piphat Por Tor 4 whose hometown is Udonthani, is an abbot) to study more and here, the novice Sin had two friends who were novice named the novice Thongduang (The King Rama I) and the novice Boonma, the younger brother of the King Rama I who has ordained before them. After studied the doctrine and Thai language, her leaved the Buddhists monkhood Later, Chao Phraya Jakkri has brought the boy into the present Union served as a royal page in the land of the king Borommakote in the Grand palace. For the novice Thongduang and Boonma, they have been the royal page as well but they were at the front palace."

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