Wat Kasattrathirat, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province
Wat Kasatathirat or Wat Gasattratirat located at Thumbol Ban Pom, Amphoe Pra Nakorn Sri Ayuthaya is counted as one of the essentially ancient wats. It's original name is Wat Gasattratirat because it is built by a king when Ayutthaya served as the capital during Ayutthaya period. The name "Ban Pom" of the Thumbol refers to a citadel built by the former official of Ayutthaya kingdom named "Pom Jum Pa Pon". This citedel established outside in the west of the capital. Behind the wat lies a big field called "Thoong Prachet" which used to be occupied as a base by Burmese forces several times when they raid Ayutthaya as stated in the royal legend. As a consequence, the lastest wreakage of Ayutthaya in 2310 B.E. this wat is badly destroyed due to it's location on the bank of the river across from the capital. This incident scares away the residents wherever the enamy attacks the capital. People escape so as the monks of this wat which sooner deserted completely.

Wat Kasattrathirat was built on the west bank of the river opposite Phra Chedi Sisuriyothai.

The renovation of this wat is managed in the early Rattanokosin period by Prince Khrom Khun Isaranurak (Ged) the nephew of King Rama I. The Prince has faith in Buddhism a great deal so that he renovates this wat all over again and appoint Buddhist monks to look after it ever since.

This Prince is the sixth son of Her Highness Princess Khrom Pra Sri Sudarak. His birth year is 2316 B.E. and the birth place is Khrung Thonburi. He is the Isarangkhoor's ancestor. The renovation he manages for this wat is almost like and overhaul since almost everthing is renewed. Moreover, he replaces the name, "Wat Gasattra" with "Wat Gasattratirat" which exists nowadays.

Buddha images in Wiharn

In the reign of King Rama IV, the elder priest or Thera Pra Kru Winyanuwattikhun (Song) builds up a new sala, 2 turin wihan, a sided-jedi, a sala Trimook as well as 3 other sala which facing north, south and west. These new buildings include a new chapel sponsored by Khrom Meun Ayulyaluksa Sombat (Prince Urai) of King Rama III (Uraipong's ancestor). The new chapel take 14 years to finish in 2422 B.E. as shown in the Rama V seal which placed in front of the hermitage "Trimook".

Prang behind Wiharn

Besides Pra Ubosod and Pra Prang, most of permanent things within Wat Gasattratirat existing nowadays are initiated to be built in the time of Pha Kru Winyanuwattikhun (Song). Therefore, the following abbots have to preserve them thereafter.

The Wiharn at the southern

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