Wat Khunsan, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province
Wat Khunsan was probably established in 16th Century. The name "Wat Khunsan" was first mentioned in Ayutthaya chronicle 1584 A.D. referred that after Prince Naresaun declared independence at Klaeng, he gave the Royal Commander to the Mon people led by Phraya Kiad and Phraya Ra who followed him to settle down the Mon-Community in the land near Wat Khunsan.
Wat Khun Saen now a deserted temple, U-Thong Road is located in north-west of the District, Ayutthaya in Tambon Hoa Law.

In Rattanakosin Period, King Rama IV ordered Phraya Rajasongkram to renovated and to enlarged the temple buut the operation was unfinished and it was left in that condition since then.


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