Wat Phu Khao Thong, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province

In Thung Phu Khao Thong, a former battle-field between Thai and Burmese,
the Chedi Phu Khao Thong was constructed to commemorate Ayutthaya's successful military campaigns
Wat Phu Khao Thong
Wat Phu Khao Thong was built by king Ramesuan in 1387. In 1569 having taken Ayutthaya, king Hongsawadi of Burma had a large Chedi of Mon style built as a memorial of his victory. In a restration during the reign of king Boromakot, a new Chedi of Thai style, having a square shape with indented corners, was built on the old base of the ruin one.

Wat Phu Khao Thong at the southern of Chedi Phu Khao Thong

Chedi Phu Khao Thong
This temple is generally called "Golden Mount Pagoda". It is some 80 meters high and is located on Ayutthaya's northern outskirts. Purportedly, this pagoda was built in Mon (Burmese) style by King Burengnong of Burma to commemorate Burmese victory during the 1569 invasion of Ayutthaya. When Ayutthaya's independence was restored by King Naresuan in 1584, the pagoda was remodeled in Thai style. In 1956, the government placed a golden ball, weighing 2,500 grammes, on top of the pagoda to celebrate the Buddhist religion's 25th century.

The two western Chedis and Chedi Phu Khao Thong at the northern

Chedi Phu Khao Thong was built by king Ramesuan of Ayutthaya in 1387 A.D. during the battle with the burmese in 1558, a buddhist monk named Mahanak Led the people of the area in digging a canal to the Lopburi River to protect the city from the enemy. However, the burmese won that battle and in 1569, built a bumese-styled stupa at Wat Phu Khao Thong. For unrecorded reasons, the stupa collapsed much later on. King Boromakot had the stupa rebuilt over the base of the original one but in his own style in 1744.

The front wall at the north entrance

The Chedi Phu Khao Thong is some 80 meters high

The Wiharn Phra Surkkatyai


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