Wat Suwandararam, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province
Wat Suwandararam was built in very late Ayutthaya Period by the Father of King Rama I of Ratanakosin. The temple was then named "Wat Thong". The temple has been well looking after by the Kings of Rattanakosin Period.

Prince Naresuan declares independance from Burma at Kreang province (A mural painting in ordination hall)

In the ordination hall at Wat Suwandararam there are mural paintings which were painted to order of many Kings. King Rama IV of Rattanakosin had ordered the painters to paint scenes from the Chronical. In this picture the scene of King Naresuvara declaring independent from the Burmese.

This masterful mural in ordination hall of Wat Suwandararam, Ayutthaya, shows the brave King Naresuan on elephant back defeating the Burmese Crown Prince (Phra Mahauparacha) in 1592

Phra Saeng Dap Krap Kai (A mural painting in ordination hall)


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