Wat Phra Ram, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province
Wat Phra Ram was built on the east side of the Grand Palace. The Chronical mentioned that King Ramesavara built these temple at the cremation ground of his father, King U-Thong in 1369. There are many renovations but the great one occured in 1941. In front of the temple there is a large lake called Bung Phra Ram. It is presumably the natural lake which was enlarged because the dirt was removed for the foundation of many temples nearly.

As the front of the temple is a large swamp which seems to have been in existence before the founding of the city. It was formerly called Nong Sano, and probably was smaller than it is as present. Later during the founding of the city, earth must have been dug out of it for levelling the sites of the Royal Palace, Wat Maha That, Wat Rajaburana and Wat Phra Ram and as a result it has become very big. This swamp is known in the code of palace laws as Bung Chikhan. Later it is not know in which reign it acquired the name of Bung Phra Ram. Now this whole swamp is planted with lotus and appears very beautiful during the flowering season of this plant.

View Wat Phra Ram from Phra Mongkhonbophit at the west

View Wat Phra Ram from the north


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