The Chao Phraya River
Wat Phra Sri San Phet, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province
Wat Phra Sri San Phet is the biggest ruin of temple in Ayutthaya Historic City. It was the Royal temple situated within the boundary of the grand palace. The temple was first built in the reign of King Boromtrilokanath.

Two big stupas was built by King Ramathibodi II in 1492 dedicated to his father King Boromtrilokanath (the east stupa) and to his brother King Boromraja III (the middle stupa) in 1499 the Vihara was built to house the golden Buddha image "Srisanphetchadhayan" the third stupa was built in the next reign dedicated to King Ramathibodi II. Small stupas were built to place the royal relics.

The royal palace was located here from the establishment of Ayutthaya in the reign of King Ramathibodi I (1350 A.D.) to the reign of King Sam Phraya (1448 A.D.) Later King Borommatrailoknat ordered a wat to be built on this site in 1448 A.D. to be used as a monastic area.
After the reign of King Borommatrailoknat, his son King Ramathibodi II, ordered the construction of two chedis, one of which was kept the ashes of his father and the other those of King Boromrachanophuttanghun. It was similary used to house Royal Remain, those of King Ramathibodi II.
In 1499, a principal Vihan was built. The following year, in 1500 A.D. King Ramathibodi II commanded the casting of a standing Buddha image 16 meters in the height and covered with gold. This image, Phra Buddha Chao Si Sanphet was the main object of veneration in the royal vihnra (hall of worship). After that time the ashes of members of the royal family other than the kings were placed in small chedis constructed at the site.

Wat Phra Sri San Phet was the royal chapel and as such did not have a Samgavasa (no monks dwelt there). It was used for royal ceremonies.
When Ayutthaya was sacked in 1767 A.D. the gold which covered by the invaders. During his reign King Rama I (1782-1809 A.D.) of Rattanakosin Period ordered the transfer of the inner core of Phra Buddha Chao Si Sanphet from Ayutthaya to Wat Phra Chetuphon, Bangkok, and had it placed in a chedi specially built for the purpose. Another Buddha image of importance called Phralokanat was also brought to this wat at around the same time.


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