Bangkok Downtown
Half a century ago, nobody would have the foresight to predict that the Silom-Surawong area, then a remote district with paddy fields around, would become the most important business and financial centre of Bangkok. Today, from end to end, these two parallel streets are full of big blocks of multi-story buildings, housing many banks, finance firms, insurance coompanies, export-import houses, hotels, airlines offices, restaurants, shopping arcades, department stores, and entertainment establishments.
The two streets are busy not only in the daytime, but also in the evening, when people come out to eat, to meet business friends or to seek enjoyment.
There is a small area in this district which, for about 30 years, has been very well known to foreign visitors for its bars and nightclubs. Known as Patpong, this famous place offers various kinds of entertainment-wine, beer, music, dancing, etc.


This is the biggest and busiest shopping district in Bangkok where almost all kinds of goods are on sale, including cloth, clothes, jewelry, handicrafts, books, antiques, etc.
There are several large department stores located here, and also several shopping arcades and countless smaller shops as well as a dozen cinima theatres and mini theatres. So you can satisfy all your needs if you stay in one of over a dozen first-class hotels in the area.
The Pratunam Market next to the Indra Arcade, thrugh not a high-class shopping centre, is worth visiting if you want to broaden your vision and to see more about the ordinary Thai. It is also the market of garments for export.

Sukhumwit Road is one of the three longest roads in Thailand, leading right up to the Cambodian border in the East. But what concerns us here is the section from the inner city down to Sukhumwit 63 (Soi Ekkamai).
The cream of this district lies around the entrances to the lanes (soi) off the road, where there are numerous fashionable residences, hotels, apartment buildings and guest houses, and also a large number of really good restaurants.
In the section from the Soi Nana (Sukhumwit 3 & 4) crossroads to Soi Sukhumwit 21 (Asok Intersection), there are many shps catering to foreign tourists, where jewelry, leather goods, ready-made garments and souvenirs are sold and tailoring, car rent and other services are offered.
To the north of Sukhumwit Road is the extension of Phetburi Road which, is rather quiet in the daytime. After dark, however, the long street is brightened with colourful neon signs and enlivened by people going out to enjoy themselves in dozens of entertainment places scattered along the street.
Royal City Avenue (RCA), a 2.5 km street between Rama IX Rod and New Phetburi Road, features several pubs, discos and restaurants. It was once the hottest spot of entertainment of Bangkok. It has attracted teenagers and stylish people to seek amusement in pubs. Though its popularity is reduced, night-life here is still lively.

The old Bangkok town is the original area of Bangkok when it was first established as the capital over 200 years ago. Here are located the Grand Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, two universities and several ministries.
The town was formerly surrounded by walls. Now only a few sections are preserved as historic sites. It is from this side of the Chao Phraya River that one takes a boat to visit the Temple of Dawn and the canals nearby.
Chinatoown is located just to the southeast of the old town. It began to take shape at the same time of the establishment of Bangkok, when the Chinese inhabiting the old town areas were moved outside the city walls. Thegoldshop steet named Yaowarat, and the Temple of the Gold Buddha are in Chinatown.

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