Dusit Palace, Bangkok Province

Suan Si Ruedu Residential Hall Musuem at the south

After the year 1900 when King Rama V ascended the throne, it was the royal comment of the King that the Grand Palace was warm especially during summer as many buildings all around that obstructed air circulation. Also the King enjoyed walking for health. Staying indoors for months without going out caused him to build a summer palace where he can walk. By the royal command, the area between the Pradung Krungkasem Canal and the Samsen Canal where orchards and farm land then were bought at a reasonable price with money from the Privy Purse.

Present Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall

On 16 February 1898, the King inaugurated construction by cutting down trees. Roads, canals and bridges were built including planting of gardens and constructing temporary residences and other buildings. When completed, the King named the area Suan Dusit" and Suan Dusit Palace" upon the new palace which was known as Dusit Palace" later on.

Dusit Palace Residential Hall at the south

The first temporary residence in Suan Dusit was a large single-storey wooden structure, accommodating King Rama V, Queen Saowabha, his royal consorts, his sons and daughters as well as number of ladies of the court. It was inaugurated on 28 February 1898 with traditional ceremonies. At that time, when Dusit Palace was firstly constructed, bicycles had just been introduced into Thailand. King Rama V and members of the royal family rode bicycles and sometimes there were royal bicycle processions from the Grand Palace to Dusit Palace which ended only after nightfall.

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