A variety of earthenware at "Koh Kred"

Mon's earthenware museum at Koh Kred.
"Graceful Palace-Suan Suan Somdej's famililiarity-Pottery at Koh Kred-Renowned ancient Wats-Delicious durian-Brilliant Governmental Center" , these are the slogans of Nontaburi Province and one part which will be told here is the story of earthenware produced at Koh Kred. It is the main career of the Mon who have ben residing at Koh Kred for a long time.

The Elephant on dais was potteried by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, April 14, 1998

The villager produces Mon style pottery called "Hai".

Morter pottery at Morter House

Brick kiln is burning pottery with wood

Gallery of ready pottery in Brick kiln

Ethnic identity of the Mons in Thailand
Gallery of Ko Kret (Kret Island) Map