Wat Satthatham or Wat Mon, Samut Songkhram Province

Wat Satthatham or Wat Mon

In "Don Hoi Lord", there is a Mon style Buddhist monastery (a Wat) named Wat Satthatham. I could tell that it 's a Mon style temple since it has a decorative pole with a golden swan on the top in its compound. Later when I checked a book, it said this area is inhabited by descendents of Mon families who escaped from Burma and immigrated few hundred years ago. This Wat is interesting that it has a teak Uposoth (ordination hall) built with teaks which are engraved and inlaid with perls. This perl ordination hall was founded by the late abbot of this temple. Some international tourists know of this and came to visit it almost daily.
The ordination hall is made of golden teak with mother-of-pearl-inlay walls, both inside and outside. Housed inside the ordination hall are Buddha images: Luangpho Ban Laem, Luangpu Thuat Yiap Nam Thale Chuet, and Luangpho Phuttha Sothon.

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