Prince Mahidol Adulyadej Day, June 26

Prince Mahidol Adulyadej

Mahidol Day refers to the date on which His Royal Highness Prince Mahidol, widely known as the “Father of Modern Thai Medicine”, passed away.
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) is responsible for the promotion and propagation of the cultural contribution of its member countries worldwide. It has annually awarded persons who have made outstanding contributions to culture for more that one hundred years at a global level. The objectives, in brief, include :
1. To recognise the efforts of those who have made cultural contributions at a global level.
2. To encourage its member countries to take part in the activities held by a country whose citizen has received an award.
To fulfill the above objectives, the Thai Government, in cooperation with UNESCO and the Ministry of Education, has been looking for a Thai citizen to nominate for the award. The committee unanimously selected Prince Mahidol as the most suitable nominee and the nomination has been proposed to coincide with the anniversary of the 100th birthday of the Prince on January 1, 1992.