World Ocean Day.
Is on at 8. June each year.

Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park, Krabi Province, Andaman Sea

World Ocean Day is named in English "World Ocean Day" going on in the year, Act 2535, in cooperation with the international community (. The Earth Summit). the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and this year it is more than 17. years. The working group came together to share knowledge and advocacy to people worldwide through a network. Available in many countries around the world. And activities with organizations such as schools, universities, zoos and aquariums and conservation organizations. To stimulate people to be conscious of the world. Common seas.
For the year 2552, The Department of Marine and Coastal Association, Green Fins and Siam Ocean World, has organized the "World Ocean Day" at the aquarium, Siam Ocean World. Siam Paragon shopping mall. For public awareness to the global environment. And to be part of the campaign said.
The event is to showcase the creativity of the design submitted. On the topic. ". sea crystal clear. A bag of plastic ". and discussion. "Garbage crisis, the Thai Sea. ". which allows us to recognize that "junk" in the sea, it was a "crisis" really.

Koh Pai, Krabi, Andaman Sea

According to year 2007. of. COBSEA. (Coordinating Body on the Seas of East Asia). indicates that there is much to waste. 6.4. million tons / year. (. 1,800. tons / day) of waste. 8. million tons. Was dropped into the sea every day. And that number is. Most plastic. 89%. or plastic approximately 46,000. pieces / square mile. Which is. 3. times the amount of fish caught but still.
Experts in marine biology and chemistry. The study on contamination of coastal areas. Found a small plastic contamination is common in both the marine and coastal areas. There are also large pieces of foam plastic garbage and fishing gear is a lot of the smaller animals like sea barnacles and marine worms. Whales and dolphins to the rare dugong, sea turtles are injured or disabled or because it was a waste Panlm. Or eat any junk into.
Mark your incomparable support Kosol of scholars specialized in fishing. Head of rare animals. Institute of Marine Resources. Coastal and mangrove forests. Department of Marine and Coastal. Tell you that. Eteaa sea, many of which are often stranded with the waste material. Which can not puncture or throw them out. When the pool is even more firmly established until the fins or legs missing. I found a small fraction of the company with thousands of sharp, broken or cut blood vessels and the turtleneck collar is almost absent. The most common is that. Sea turtles eat plastic foam or debris because that is the obstruction to the bowel and subsequently died.

Phromthep Cape
, Phuket Province, Andaman Sea

Also been found. Whales eat a lot of waste plastic bags, boxes and black plastic pastry bag to work together. 1.6. kg. The recently found a bottle of dead dolphins were caught in a plot to make Panlm the Dolphins can swim up to breathe.
The Andaman Sea around Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi are these animals stranded around 40. cow / year and found that over 70%. the injury and death of marine debris nets. Fishing equipment. And waste, especially plastics. This does not include animals that were stranded because of spam, but it does not come out with it.
In the year 2551. Department of Marine and Coastal had with divers and volunteer organizations. Waste water is number 22. tons. Of dive sites around the country, but it is still not comparable with the volume of waste is still discharged into the sea. Although the store does not have it, of course.
Ways to solve the garbage problem is to focus on the "left" rather than "store", ie a system of waste management from the land. This will result in less waste into the sea. However, any system will be useless. Without the cooperation of all of us.