Pattaya City

Pattaya City on the hill of Wang Sam Sien

Pattaya City on the hill

For sun lovers and water-sports fans, Pattaya's sunny climate provides ideal conditions for swimming and all other imaginable water axtivities, including fishing, boat sailing, speed-boating, water-scooter riding, water skiing, para-sailing, scuba diving and windsurfing. For those who do not want to get drenched, Pattaya also has gyms and health clubs for exercise and many kinds of land sports and games to choose from, such as shooting, car racing, horse riding, archery, golf, bolwling, tennis, go-cart, paintball, etc.

Wong Amat Beach at North Pattaya

For shoppers, fashionable boutiques and shops of ready-made garments, silk, paintings, handicrafts, gemstones, jewelry and trinkets are centred in the main street of Central and South Pattaya and also in the luxurious hotels. Prices are fair and all visitors are eagerly welcome.

Pattaya provides high standard hotel and well-known beach

For gourmets, Pattaya's cookeries offer at reasonable prices a wide range of superlative fresh seafood and various cuisines -- Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, German, Scandinavian, Maxican, American, Indian, Russian, etc.

The beautiful well-known beach in Pattaya City

And for night owls, Pattaya's lively nightlife caters for every taste. The most brightly colourful spot is South Pattaya where all kinds of nightly entertainments are offered.
In short, Pattaya is the place for all. No wonder it has remained popular among those who come to spend their holidays from far and near alike.

Pattaya beach in Pattaya City

Gulf of Pattaya

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