The Thai flag (Elephants flag)

The national flag of Kingdom of Thailand since the year 2460 of the Buddhist Era; there are total of 3 colours, since 1917

The elephants were a great asset in the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya period. The kings used to arrange elephant demonstrations here for state guests. In peacetime theyworked in the forest, and during a war they were the beasts of burden. White elephants were highly prized and whenever found were brought to the King. They were so sought after that they were actually the cause of several of the Burmese invasions.
During the reign of King Rama II (in 1812), three white elephants were found and presented to the King. He decided to put a picture of white elephant in Chakra, a sort of dise weapon on a red cloth. All the governmental merchant ships sailing everywhere used this designed flag, which was later developed to be the national flag.
In 1885 King Mongkut or King Rama IV decided that the name of the country should be called "Siam", and announced that the Siamese National Flag should be a picture of white elephant on a red background.
King Rama VI changed the national flag from the previous elephant flag to be the tri-colour flag on Septmber 28, 1917, and used until nowadays.
The Thai flag consists of five horizontal bands of red (top), white, blue (double width), white, and red. The red means the nation, white means the religion and blue means the King.