Ban Prathap Chai, Phrae Province
Ban Vongburi Museum

Vongburi House
Vongburi House was built in about 1897-1907 by Luang Pongpiboon and his wife Chao Sunantha, who descended from the past prince of Phrae ancestry, and held a teal concession in the city. The builder was a Chinese from Canton, using local carpenters for the jobs. The house has remained in family hands ever since.

Rooof of Ban Prathap Chai
A two-storey teak structure, the house rests on a foundation of brick and mortar that elevates it one meter above the ground. A double-tiered roof has a ventilation passage between the two levels to improve air circulation. There are about 20 rooms, with high ceiling, covering 1,400 square meters of floor space. An originally open verandam on front was later enclosed to create an additional room.
The outstanding feature of Vongburi House is its elavorate Woodcarvings, which can be found on all its gables, eaves, balconies, and above doors and windows. Except for a few repairs and repainting them their originl pinak color, all the exterior crvings are original. The original roof of teak tiles, however, had to be removed in 1975 because of age; since the cost of replacing them would have been too high and since ceramic tiles would have been too heavy, corrugated iron was used.
The house was awarded an exellent conservation of the year 1993 from the Society of Siam Architecture Under Royal Patronage, and its photos were published in "Heritage Homes of Thailand" of Siam Society Under Royal Patronage in 1996 as well as in some Thai famous magazines.
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Phrae's original wood-carving building, a Thai old building with an European inspiration.
Old luxurious household utensils.
To shop various kinds of handmade articles.

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"Vongburi House"
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