Noen Prasat, Sukhothai Province

To the east, adjacent to Wat Mahathat, stands an ancient monument known as Noen Prasat. According to a theory of King Rama VI, Noen Prasat is the remains of the base of the palace of the Sukhothai kings. This ancient monument was excavated by the Fine Arts Department in 1983. The elevated base of the rectangular building is 27.50m x 51.50m, adorned with overturned and upturned lotus moulding. It has front and back stairs.
However, evidence from the excavation is not sufficient to confirm this supposition . An old map from the reign of King Rama V indicates that this ancient monument within the compound of Wat Mahathat is likely a religious building rather than a palace. It is believed that the palace of the Sukhothai kings was made of wood and situated to the north of Ta Pha Daeng shrine and to the west of Wat Sorasak. A wooden palace of the 14th century was mentioned in the stone inscription of Wat Sorasak as a residence of Sukhothai royalty, with a layout similar to the Khmer palace in Angkor Thom.

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