Saritphong, Sukhothai Province
To the west of Sukhothai is a row of hills known as the Prathak range, stretching as far as the eye can see and forming a beautiful background. This range of hills is abundant in vegetation of all kinds, including herbs and also serves as a receptacle for rainwater. This large ancient earthwork was constructed between two hills, Khao Kieo Ai Ma and Khao Phra Bat Yai, in order to carry water into canals for irrigation and the water supply in Sukhothai. This earthen dike is believed to have been mentioned in Stone Inscription No. l as “Saritphong”. According to this stone inscription, water from Saritphong was brought along the southwestern Sao Ho canal into the town.
In cooperation with the Fine Arts Department, Saritphong has been developed by the Royal Irrigation Department to retain up to 400,000 cubic metres of water.

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