Wat Tra Kuan, Sukhothai Province

This temple has been known as Wat Tra Kuan since 1907. Its name was mentioned in the stone inscription of Wat Sorasak around the early of the 15th century A.D. It is said that Venerable Maha~thera Dharmatrailok from Dao Khon came north to see his nephew, a ruler of Sukhothai, and resided at Wat Tra Kuan during his visit.
Based on a theory of King Rama VI of the Rattanakosin period, Tra Kuan is a Khmer word, which means a vegetable known in Thailand as Phak Bung, or morning glory in English.
Important buildings in this temple include a bell-shaped chedi and an ordination hall. Buddha images of the early Sukhothai period in Wat Tra Kuan style were also found here.

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