Wat Tra Phang Thong, Sukhothai Province

Located to the east of the Ramkhamhaeng National Museum, this ancient monument was constructed on an island in the middle of the reservoir named Tra Phang Thong. Surrounded by 8 subordinate chedis, the main bell-shaped structure was built on a laterite base with the upper part made of brick. The ordination hall is in rather good condition because it was rebuilt about 90 years ago on the old foundation by Phraya Ronachaichanyut (Khrut), a Sukhothai governor, who was ordained here as a novice.
A stone sculpture of a Buddha footprint removed from Phra Bat Yai hill is considered a valuable asset to this temple. The stone footprint was made in 1359 in the reign of Phra Maha Dharmaraja Li Thai of the Sukhothai period.

Ubosod Luang Phor Kow

Mondoph Buddha Footprint

Pha Roung

Khmer Dam Din

Situated to the east of Wat Mahathat is Wat Tra Phang Thong. The monastery is located on an island in the middle of a large pond. A ruined laterite Singhalese-style chedi is on the island. In front of it, a new mondop contains the Lord Buddha's Footprint slab that was created by King Lithai in 1390 on Samanakut or Phra Bat Yai Hill. This Footprint was removed to the new mondop some years ago. An annual fair to worship this sacred Lord Buddha's Footprint takes place at the same time as the Loi Krathong Festival.

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