Wat Si Thon, Sukhothai Historical Park, Sukhothai Province
To the west of Sukhothai, this temples significant ancient monuments include a mandapa and a vihara. Made of brick with thick walls, the square mandapa formerly enshrined a Buddha image, now in ruins. The thick wall was designed to support a heavy brick structure forming the top of the building. Topped with this brick structure, the mandapa enshrining the Buddha image looked more prominent than the vihara located in front of it. Only a base and columns of the vihara remain. The vihara with a tiled wooden roof was where people came to worship the Buddha image enshrined in the mandapa. A separate building for worshippers was the norm during the lifetime of Lord Buddha. Visiting a temple, Lord Buddha dwelt in his own place, separate from the vihara where his worshippers performed religious functions.
Wat Si Thon was where a learned monk with from Sri Lanka a know ledge of the Tripitaka stayed. This monk is believed to have composed an eulogy to Phra Maha Dharmaraja Li Thai on Stone Inscription No. 4.

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