Tao Thu Rieng Ban Pa Yang, Si Satchanalai Historical Park, Sukthai Province
These groups of ancient glazed ceramic kilns are on the west bank of the Yom river about 500 metres from the historic Si Satchanalai town. At least 21 kilns are known to have existed here. The kilns can be divided into 2 main groups.

a) Tao Yak Group
This group is comprised of 15 kilns, which produced mainly pottery and ceramic sculptures. The latter were mostly in the forms of demons, divinities and makara figures, and were normally used as architectural elements. Because the word “Yak” in Thai language means demon, and since this group of kilns produced a large number of Yak figurines, the group of kilns has been called Tao Yak, or “the kilns for producing demon figures”.

b) Tao Tukkata Group
In Thai the word Tukkata means dolls, or small figurines. Apparently, this group of kilns produced a large number of small human and animal figurines, and of have been called Tao Tukkata.
The Tao Tukkata Group of kilns, located about 600 metres north of the Tao Yak Group, were comprised of at least 6 cross-draft kilns with curved ceilings. The floors of the firing chambers were slightly sloped, about 10-30 degrees.

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