The City Pillar Shrine, Sukhothai Province

Adjacent to the northern moat of Wat Mahathat, this small wooden building was constructed on an elevated square base with a tiled roof.
There is no mention of a city pillar in any of the stone inscriptions. Moreover, the concept of a city pillar during the Sukhothai period has never become evident. However, this ancient monument has long been known among Sukhothai people as San Klang Muang, or “the shrine in the heart of the city”. In the reign of King Rama VI of the Rattanakosin period, the ancient site was excavated by Phraya Wichian Prakan, and two laterite pillars at each of the four corners were found with a pit in the centre presumably for burying a boundary stone called Luk Nimit. A slab of stone was also found in this pit, with some blurred engraving assumed by King Rama VI to be a horoscope diagram of the city. This assumption led people to believe that this place was actually the city pillar shrine of Sukhothai.

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