Si Satchanalai City Walls, Si Satchanalai Historical Park, Sukhothai
The lnner City Wall
These were built of rectangular blocks of laterite, and were bounded on its outer edges by earthen ramparts and ditches.
The northeastern wall was parallel to the Yom river, and was about 2.20 metres wide and 800 metres long. The southeastern wall was about 2.20 metres wide, 5.10 metres high and 780 metres long. A defensive ditch at the bottom of this wall was about 1.50 metres wide. The northwestern wall was about 770 metres long. The southwestern wall was the longest, about 1.80 metres wide and 1,070 metres long.

The Middle City Wall
3 earthen ramparts surrounded the midpoint between the inner and outer town walls.
The length of the southeastern, southwestern, and northwestern walls were about 480, 130 and 500 metres, respectively.

The Outer City Wall
The most outer city wall was incomplete. Only remnants of it can be seen today.

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