Gate and Fortress, Si Satchanalai Historical Park, Sukhothai
Don Laem Gate and Fortress
This was the southeast entrance to the outer wall of historic Si Satchanalai town. Construction of a modern road going through the centre of town damaged the entrance so badly that its original characteristics not can be clearly seen. Near this entrance was a pentagon fortress built from blocks of laterite. Parts of the fortress were constructed on top of the earthen town wall, and a small part extended a little beyond the interior limit of the wall.

Ramnarong Gate and Fortress
This large entrance is in the southeast inner wall of the town, and was framed with large blocks of laterite. A laterite road connected this entrance with a rectangular fortress, which was surrounded by ditches and a defensive reservoir.

Saphan Chan Gate and Fortress
This entrance was in the southwest inner wall of the town is located close to the foot of Suwankhiri hill. Large blocks of laterite were used to frame the entrance. A fortress guarded the front of this entrance.

Chanasongkhram Gate and Fortress
This entrance, Saphan Chan, was also in the southwest inner wall of the town, but located on the opposite side of Suwankhiri hill. The entrance was framed with blocks of laterite. An earthen road connected this entrance to a pentagon fortress built of laterite blocks.

Chaiyaphruk Gate
This small entrance was constructed at the corner of the northwest inner town wall. It was framed with blocks of laterite.

Tao Moh Gate
This large entrance between the northwest inner town wall and the eastern town wall was framed by large blocks of laterite

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