Wat Asokaram, Sukhothai Province
Outside the city wall and southeast of Namo gate, this temple was called Wat Salat Dai by locals.
According to the stone inscription found at this temple, Phra Maha Thepi Si Chulalak, a consort of Phra Maha Dharmaraja Dhiraja, a son of Phra Maha Dharmaraja Li Thai, built Wat Asokaram in 1399 on the same occasion as the construction of Wat Thaksinaram. After its completion, she invited the monk Soraphangkhathera to be the abbot.
The stone inscription of Wat Asokaram also reveals that this temple, enclosed by a moat, comprises a lotus-bud shaped chedi, presently in ruins, a vihara, a mandapa and subordinate chedis.
This large monument is situated outside the southern city wall 1,400 meters away from Wat Mahathat The bases of the main chedi, the viharn and the mondop are visible.

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