Wat Chang Lom, Sukhothai Province
100 metres off Charot Withi Thong road and north of Mae Lam Phan canal, this temple is a large group of ancient monuments on a vast area of land (100 m x 157m), enclosed by a ditch. The temple consists of the main bell-shaped chedi with 32 elephant statues around its base, a vihara enshrining a Buddha image which is now in ruins, an ordination hall surrounded by water in accordance with the concept of Udaka Sima, subordinate chedis, and a boundary wall enclosing the whole temple.
A stone inscription found at this temple reveals the story of a nobleman known as Phanom Sai Dam, husband of a wet nurse named Thet. He was very loyal to Phra Maha Dharmaraja Li Thai and, to follow in the kings footsteps, entered the monkhood. When his king who passed away in 1390, he gave a piece of land to build a vihara and scripture hall, made a Buddha image, and planted a Phra Si Maha Pho (Bodhi) tree. He also made a stone Buddha image in dedication to the dead consort of Phra MahaDharmaraja Li Thai.

Wat Chang Lom is located to the north of Chotwithithong Road with a bell-shaped chedi of Ceylonese influence standing as the center. The chedi is situated on a 3-tiered square base on which a platform decorated with a row of elephants seen by their front halves supporting the round chedi. This type of elephant-decorated chedi is to be seen in many ancient towns of Sukhothai period, for example, Kamphaeng Phet and Si Satchanalai.

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