Wat Si Phichit Kirati Kanlayaram, Sukhothai Province
200 metres to the east of Wat Chedi Si Hong, this temple, with its formal name, Wat Si Pichit Kirati Kanlayaram, as mentioned in a stone inscription, was formerly called Wat Ta Then Khung Nang by locals. The temple was built in 1403 by Phra Ratchachonnani Si Thammaratchamada Mahadilok Ratanaratnatkanlong, the queen consort of Phra Maha Dharmara~ja Li Thai and the mother of Phra Maha Dharmara~ja, a ruler of Sukhothai. She invited a monk of high rank from Kamphaeng Phet to help supervise the construction of the temple.
Unlike other chedis in the Sukhothai period, its main bell-shaped chedi was built on a highly elevated base consisting of 4 levels : the first three levels have plain rectangular shapes and the top one has decorative indented corners. A crescent-shaped floor on which animal designs were carved in the Sri Lankan style was found to the cast of the chedi.
Wat Si Phichit Kirati Kanlayaram with a round Singhalese-style chedi on a square pedestal and a viharn in front, is surrounded by moats. A borken stone inscription in Pali and Thai was found and might have been inscribed between 1400- 1404.

Wat Si Phichit Kirati Kanlayaram, Sukhothai Province Click to see in large