San Ta Pha Daeng or Deity Shrine, Sukhothai
Situated to the north of Wat Mahathat is San Ta Pha Daeng. This monument consists of only one laterite prang with a staircase in the front. Sandstone Hindu divines (of Lop Buri-style) were discovered here.
Adjacent to Tra Kuan reservoir on the south and the city gate on the north, this ancient monument was seen on a map in the reign of King Rama V of the Rattanakosin period and was known as Theparak Yai Shrine and Ta Pha Daeng Shrine.
This laterite shrine was built in the Khmer style on a base with lotus moulding. Projecting chambers were on the east and west sides, with the eastern room was longer than the western.
During the excavation of Ta Pha Daeng Shrine by the Fine Arts Department, fragments of god and goddess images adorned with beautiful ornaments were discovered. Based on comparative studies, these finds may be connected to the early Bayon style during the reign of Jayavarman VII (1181-1220 A.D.). These valuable objects are cunrently exhibited in the Ramkhamhaeng National Museum.
This ancient monument serves as evidence for the embrace of Khmer culture and Hinduism in this area around the late 12nd century.

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