Si Satchanalai Historical Park, Sukhothai Province

Win War door at the south of Si Satchanalai Historical Park
The Si Satchanalai Historical Park is a historical park in Si Satchanalai district, Sukhothai Province, northern Thailand.
The protection of the area was first announced in Volume 92, Part 112 of the Royal Gazette on August 2, 1961[citation needed]. In 1976 the restoration project was approved, and in July 1988 the park was officially opened. On December 12, 1991, it was declared a World Heritage site, together with the associated historic parks in Kamphaengphet and Sukhothai.

Sukhothai style Buddha image, Wat Chedi Chet Thaeo

Si Satchanalai has been declared a World Heritage site. While it offers similar Sukhothai era temples and monuments, it is much less visited than Sukhothai. The old city of Si Satchanalai is situated in present day Sukhothai province, and can be reached by car from Sukhothai in about one hour (northern direction). The old city of Si Satchanalai is considered the sister city of historic Sukhothai, and existed contemporary with Sukhothai. Direct family members of the Kings of Sukhothai usually ruled nearby Si Satchanalai. During the reign of King Li Thai (1347-1368) many temples were built and restored at Si Satchanalai. Three km southeast of the city of Si Satchanalai lies another old historic town called Chaliang, which is believed to already have existed during Khmer rule, and therefore is older than Si Satchanalai.

Wat Chang Lom in Si Satchanalai Historical Park

There are historic monuments located inside and outside the old city walls. Inside the city walls important temples include : Wat Chang Lom, Wat Chedi Jet Thaew, Wat Nang Phaya.
Wat Chang Lom is located almost at the centre of historic Si Satchanalai. The most important historic building at this temple is the main chedi in Sri Lankan Style. As similar temples at Kamphaeng Phet and Sukhothai, the base of the temple consists of sculptures of elephants. 39 elephants surround the temple. Contrary to what is seen at other temples, the elephants at Wat Chang Lom are standing and very tall.

Lotusbud chedis in Wat Chedi Chet Thaeo

Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat

1. Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat / Wat Borommathat Mueang Chaliang
2. Wat Chom Chuen
3. Wat Chao Chan
4. Wat ok Singkaram
5. Wat Nang Phaya
6. Wat Suan Kaeo Uthayan Yai
7.Wat Chedi Chet Thaeo
8. Wat Chang Lom
9. Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng
10. Wat Khao Suwan Khiri
11. Wat Kuti Rai
12. Tao Sangkhalok (Sangkhalok Kiln)

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