Wat Phra Si Ratanamahathat, Si Satchanalai Historical Park, Sukthai Province

This large historic temple complex is located southeast of Si Satchanalai town. Decorative stucco of the Bayon art style of the ancient Khmer was found at the main entrance of the temple. Archaeological evidence, including foundations of earlier brick structures found beneath 2 buildings Wiharn (vihara) Luang and Wiharn Phra Song Phi Nong as well as fragments of roof tiles with Bayon style designs, indicate that Wat Phra Si Ratanamahathat was founded before the Sukhothai period. Some scholars suggest that it was first constructed during the time of Pho Khun Si Nao Nam Thom, or around 1237. Important buildings of this temple that can still be seen are as follows:
a) The main shrine
This was built from blocks of laterite covered with lime plaster and red paint. Architectural characteristics of the shrine indicate that it could be dated to the Early Ayutthaya period. However, archaeological evidence suggests that the shrine might have been built over an earlier structure, probably an important pre-Sukhothai period stupa or chedi.
b) Vihara of Luang Pho To
This building is in front of the main shrine. A huge Buddha image in the Maravijaya gesture was inside this building.
c) Phra That Mutao
This is possibly the remains of a Mon-style chedi built from blocks of laterite. It was certainly built in a different time period than the shrine.
d) Mandapa of Phra Attharot
This building is situated just behind Phra That Mutao. Some scholars suggest that the original mandapa might have had Buddha images on each exterior wall and a roof with ceramic tiles.
e) Wiharn Phra Song Phi Nong
To the left of the mandapa is this building built from blocks of laterite directly on the ruins of a brick building.
f) Uposatha
The existing Uposatha, in front of the vihara, is a new building constructed directly over the historic one.
g) Kuti Phra Ruang Phra Lue
This is also called San Phra Ruang Phra Lue by the local villagers. It was reconstructed in the same year as the Uposatha.

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