Ruin of Old Celadon Factory (Thuriang Kiln),
Amphoe Si Satchanalai, Sukhothai

Thuriang Kiln, Amphoe Si Satchanalai, Sukhothai
Thuriang Kiln is a site where Sukhothai celadons were made. Kilns exist in an area measuring 100 by 700 meters. Each kiln is divided into three section; the fire area, the pottery baking oven, and the flue.

The pottery found here is usually decorated by three different painted designs on their bottom: a disc, a fish and a flower. Forty-nine kilns and small edifices are visible. To the north a pond has been dug into stone.

Recently, along the east coast, archaeologists have excavated underwater sites, salvaging beautiful plates with fish motifs. Sangkhalok wares fabricated in Sukhothai kilns were widely exported to various countries in Asia

Si Satchanalai has a very interesting historical Sangkhaloke pottery was made here and so far archeologists have found more than 500 old kilns along the banks of the Yom River, mostly at Ban Pa Yang and Ban Koh Noi. The latter has been made the educational and preservation center of Sangkhaloke kilns and pottery unearthed from nerby areas. It is thought that Sangkhaloke pottery might have been shipped to Indonesia, the Philippines, and Japan.