Wat Chang Lom, Si Satchanalai Historical Park, Sukhothai Province
This temple is located almost at the centre of the historic town, on the plain to the east of Khao Phanom Phloeng, an important low hill inside the town.
The most important historic building at this temple is the main chedi of Sri Lankan style, bounded by a demarcation wall. The base of the chedi is high and square. The front of the base has 8 sculptures of elephants, and the other sides feature 9 elephants. One sculpture is at each corner of the base, with a total 39 Wat Chang Lom elephants around the base.
The elephant sculptures at Wat Chang Lom are quite different from those found at other temples. They represent standing elephants and are taller than life-size.
Some scholars believe that this was the temple mentioned in Stone Inscription Number 1, made by King Ramkhamhaeng in 1286 as the place where the king dug up the Buddha relics in order to pay a homage to them before re-burying them and building a chedi over the remains.
This monastery is an important monument within the old town of Si Satchanalai. A huge bell-shaped chedi supported by 39 elephants, with 4 of them at 4 cardinal points elaborately decorated, marks the center of the Wat. Above the chedi's base, there are niches enshrining image of the Buddha subduing Mara.

Wat Chang Lom, one of the four significant temples

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