Wat Sa Si, Inside the Citywalls, Sukhothai Province

  • Wat Sa Si
    Northwest of Wat Mahathat, this beautiful ancient monument is in the middle of a large reservoir known as Tra Phang Tra Kuan. Its important buildings include a bell-shaped chedi, a viha~ra and an ordination hall middle of the reservoir. Prior to 1978 a road named Charot Withi Thong ran through the temple. Fully conscious of the exclusive damage and environmental problems, the Fine Arts Department demolished it and built a new one along the reservoir.
    The round stupa serves as historical evidence of the prevalence of Sinhalese Buddhism in Sukhothai. This circular stupa is sometimes known as a chedi in the Sri Lankan bell - shaped. The ordination hall in the middle of the reservoir points to a Buddhist concept of demarcating an area where monks perform religious functions by enclosing the holy precincts with water as a symbol of purity.
    Situated near Wat Chanasongkhram is Wat Sa Si. Around a Singhalese-style chedi is the main sanctuary on an island in the middle of Traphang Trakuan pond. A large viharn contains a stucco Buddha image. To the south stand nine chedis of different sizes.

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