Wat Tra Phang Chang Phuak, Sukhothai Historical Park, Sukhothai Province
1.6 kilometres to the west of Or gate, this large ancient monument is similar to a big vihara. Very little of its style and form remains to be seen. Traces of brickwork and laterite were found here.
To the south of the ancient mound is a large reservoir 30 m.x 40 m. A larger one, Tra Phang Chang Phuak is located to the west. This temple and its stone inscription were mentioned in the book “Thiao Muang Phra Ruang”, written by King Rama VI of the Rattanakosin period. A comparative study between the stone inscription mentioned above and the one (No. 102) from an unknown source on the Krailat artificial hill in the Suan Sai garden of the Grand Palace was conducted by Professor Dr. Prasert Na Nagara. The study revealed that their contents are the same.

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