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Festival and Celebrations Manual in October.


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October 15, Chon Buri Buffalo Races -- The fastest and most beautiful water buffalos in the land gather in Chon Buri each year to compete in speed races and beauty pageants.

October 23, Chulalongkorn Day -- This day honours King Chulalongkorn or King Rama V (1868-1910), one of Thailand's most revered monarch. This commemorates the death of King Chulalongkorn (fifth king of the Chakri Dynasty), who died in 1910. Thais from all walks of life lay lavishly decorated wreaths at his equesttrain statue in Bangkok's Royal Plaza, in front of the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall.

    The equestrian statue of King Chulalongkorn.

Royal Barge Procession for The Royal Kathin Ceremony, Bangkok. Thailand's traditional royal barges are world famous because of the artistic craftsmanship that embodied in all the hand-made wooden barges. Moreover, the royal barge procession on the Chao Phya River is exceptionally glittering and majestic. On the occasion, the royal barges will from a stately procession to transport His Majesty the King from Vasukri Royal Pier along the Chao Phya River to Wat Arun ("Temple of Dawn") where His Majesty will present safron robes to the monastic community.

At World Trade Center Plaza, Bangkok
Annually, the Thai Beers Festival is arranged at the World Trade Center to enable everyone enjoy themselves and to celebrate the New Year. The festival includes sales of barbecued food, seafood and Thai culinary specialties along with music and cultural performances.

At City Hall, Chon Buri
The water buffalo is one of the mainstays in the life of a Thai farmer, but in this annual event it is put to more amusing uses than ploughing local fields, namely in buffalo races and contests pitting buffalo against rain. Beauty contests add to the fun of a festival that attracts from nearby subside resorts.

At Ko Lamphu, Surat Thani

Chak Phra an activity occurring on the same day as the Thot Phapa ceremony a form of merit-making when Buddhists offer saffron robes to monks and donate money to temples at the end of the Buddhist Rains Retreat. Thot Phapa takes place at dawn, before Chak Phra the ceremony when Buddha images on elaborately decorated carriages are pulled by local people in land and water-borne processions. There are also traditional forms of evening entertainment.

At the North Development Bridge areas (Saphan Phathana Phak Nuea), Nan
This well-known regatta is part of the festivities that accompany the annual Kathin reason, when groups of layfolk present new robes to the monks of local temples in merit making ceremonies. The races are enhanced by the distinctive Nan boats, logs, painted with bright colours and adorned with fanciful designs.

Uthani Thani

"Tak Bat Devo" means to fill the bowls of the gods, and in this festival, held a day after Ok Phansa, monks descend from a hilltop temple to receive offerings from local people as the Buddha himself is believed to have don after preaching to his mother in heaven; folk theatre and other entertainment is also provided.

At the Provincial Hall and Saensuklampam Beach, Phattalung
Celebrations at the Provincial Hall and Saensuklampam Beach include exciting drum-beating and decorated-boats contests a Buddha image parade, and merit-making, known as Tak Bat Devo, at Wat Wangsantibanpot.

At Phetchabun Provincial Hall, Triphum Temple, Bot Chanaman Temple of Muang District, Phetchabun
During the Sart Thai Festival the people of Phetchabun will hold the Um Phra Dam Nam Festival with a procession of the Phra Buddha Maha Thammaracha Buddha image, the principle Buddha image of Phetchabun, around the city. The governor of the province presides at a ceremony where he dives with the Buddha image in his hand into the river in all four directions according to traditional beliefs that happiness and fertility will ensue. After that, the Phra Buddha Maha Thammaracha is brought to the provincial hall to be bathed in lustral water by the public. Fun-filled forms of entertainment are provided throughout the duration of the festival.

At Amphoe Kathu, Amphoe Muang & Amphoe Thalang, Phuket
This annual festival originated among immigrant workers during the 19th century and remains one of Phuket's major events. Residents of Chinese ancestry undertake a ten-day vegetarian diet, and there are ceremonies at local Chinese temples and parades that feature remarkable feats by ascetic believers.

At Mekong River, Nakhon Phanom
Located on the bank of the Mekong River, the provincial capital of Nakhon Phanom observes Ok Phanta the end of Buddhist Rains Retreat by setting intricately decorated boats each containing a lighted candle, adrift on the river when night falls. Various entertainment is also provided the town during the several days of the festival.

At Wat Phra That Choeng Chum, Sakon Nakhon
Northeasterners celebrate the end of the annual Buddhist Rains Retreat (Ok Phansa ) by constructing beeswax creations in the form of miniature Buddhist temples and shrines (wax castles) in the belief that accrued merit enables them to personally determine their future rebirth. After wax castles are ceremoniously paraded through-out the provincial, and presented to temples. the provinces annual regatta takes place amid cheerful festivities the following day.

BAN SAI LOI KRATHONG (Festival of Lights)
At Bang Sai Royal Arts & Crafts Centre, Ayutthaya
Celebrations include traditional float (Krathong, November 3, 2005) and beauty contests, handicrafts demonstrations and exhibitions, special events and krathong-launching beneath the full moon.

Buddha Image Procession and Boat Race Festival
Amphoe Lang Suan Amphoe Lang Suan, Chum Phon The long boat race of Lang Suan District of Chumphon Province is exciting and unique. The winning boat is the winner due to a good teamwork of oarsmen, steersman and coxswain. The steersman must keep the boat straight so the coxswain can grab the flag at the finish line (the bow is about 3.5 meters long and about 25 centimeters wide). Lang Suan District Education Officetel, TAT Southern Region Office: Area 5 (Surat Thani)

5,000-Year Ban Chiang Civilisation Celebrations
At Ban Chiang World Heritage Site, Udon Thani
Celebrations at this Bronze Age civilisation site include art and cultural processions, handicraft shows, exhibitions, international and local sports events, light & sound presentations, Thai dance performances and an academic seminar.

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