Architecture of Thailand

    Thai classical architecture may be found in the building and structure of the temples and also of the royal palace buildings. There are two main types of such edifices. One of this is a building of bricks rectangular in plan and containing one large hall only. The roof is sloping superimposed and arranged in three or five tiers. The other type of building is somewhat like a Greek cross in plan and composed of a cubical hall with four porches or less projecting on each side. It also has superimposed roofs sumounted by a high pyramidal super-structure culminating either in a tapering slender needle-like spire or a corn-cob-like structure. The roof of both types has a terra-cotta glazed coloured tiles of various hues. The gables, stuccos, and other decorations are gilded in gold or in coloured mosaic glass. Under a tropical sunlight these building give out a dazzling and harmonizing artistic effect. Examples of these classical architecture may be in Bangkok and are represented by pictures in this pamphlet of the Grand Palace, the Emerald Buddha Temple, the Marble Temple of Wat Benchamabophit, and also of Wat Suthat and Wat Pho.