The Bot

The Bot corresponds to the Indian Chaitya Hall, and like this it may have one large nave or one nave and the lateral aisles. Its classic type has a rectangular plan-at its end its enshrines a large gilded sitting Buddha image modelled either in stucco or cast in bronze. The image is placed over a high pedestal whose rich ornamentation contrasts sharply with the plain modelling of the image and seems to symbolize the unrestfulness of our life in comparison with the serenity of the Enlightened One.

Ubosod Wat Phumin (at the front), Nan

Some examples of Bot such as that of Wat Na Phramen in Ayutthaya (ca. 16th century A.D.) have between the two lateral doors a large and high niche containing a standing Buddha image. Both front and rear facades have the same niche. The effect of this composition is imposing and beautiful.