Saranrom Palace

"San Chaomae Takhian Thong" or a shrine in Chinese style, in Saranrom Royal Garden

Saranrom Palace lies to the east of the Grand Palace. It was built towards the end of the reign of King Rama IV. After the death of King Pinklao in A.D. 1866, King Rama IV decided to give the throne to the crown Prince who later became King Chulalongkorn, and planned to retire to this palace to live in retirement as advisor on state affairs. Things turned out otherwise; King Monkut died in A.D. 1868 King Rama V gave Saranrom Palace to his eldest younger brother, Prince Kroma Phra Chakrabaddibongse. Later King Chulalongkorn let another younger brother, Prince Kroma Phraya Bhanubandh Wongseworadej stay here. Afterwards this palace became the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and state guests were received here.
King Rama VI stayed here as Crown Prince on his return from studying abroad, until he ascended the throne. He returned the palace to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1926.
Next to Saranrom Palace King Rama IV laid out the Saranrom Royal Garden, with a path separating it from the Grand Palace. King Rama V decorated the garden with flowering plants and trees and made it a zoological garden. It was open to the public until Dusit Zoo was built and the animals were moved there.
Some of the original buildings are still standing.

Octagonal Pavilion (middle)

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