The Democracy of Monument

The Democracy Monument at Central Ratchadamnoen Avenue

The Democracy of Monument is located in the centre of the circle on Central Ratchadamnoen Avenue.
This monument was built during the Phibulsonggram regime to commemorate the activity of the People's Group which requested the Constitution from the King (King Rama VII) on 24th June, A.D. 1932. Construction was started in July A.D. 1939 and was completed on 22nd June, A.D. 1940. The inauguration ceremony took place on 24th June, A.D. 1940.
The monument of Democracy was built with the following meanings:
1. The four wings of the monument measure 24 metres in height. In the central point of the base is placed the Constitution in the form of a book. The above mentioned height signifies 24th June when the People's Group began the revolution for a new system of government.
2. The cannon that are buried around the monument, chained together by an iron chain leaving only the 4 spaces at the 4 entrances number 75. They signify the year B.E. 2475 (A.D. 1932) in which the revolution took place.
3. The bas-reliefs which decorate the lower parts of the four wings display the activities of the People's Group which acted according to their previous agreement to perform their assignments on 24th June, A.D. 1932.
4. The Constitution which is placed at the centre of the monument is made of bronze and is 3 metres high. It signifies the third month of the yaer or June (counting in the old way) which was the month when the revolution took place.
5. The six swords which decorate the central constitutional stand signify the six principles for governing the country. These principles are Independence, Inner Peace, Equality, Liberty, Economics and Education.
The monument of Democracy stands on a circular base of several tiers. At the bottom of the four wings fountain basins were built. Above the basins there are Nagas spouting water. Flowings grow around the base of the monument which is located in a very busy spot and so draws the attention of passers-by. At night decorative lights makes it beautiful in another way.

The emblem used, on auspicious occasion of the 6th cycle (72nd) birthday of His Majesty the King Symbol at Central Ratchadamnoen Avenue and the Democracy of Monument on behind

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