Wat Buranasirimatayaram, Bangkok Province

The Oridination Hall

This royal temple of third grade is located on Atsadang Road. Chao Phraya Sudhamamontri (Bunsi) erected this temple during the reign of King Rama III and the king gave it the name Wat Siri-amatayaram Later in the reign of King Rama IV it was given the name "Wat Bunsirimatayaram". The name "Wat Buranasirimatayaram" has been in use since the time of King Rama V until today.

Wat Buranasirimatayaram located in front of the temple facing the Khlong Lot Chanal

Important Buildings in the Temple
The Large Chedi
Located in front of the temple facing the Khlong Lot Chanal, it has redented corners but appears to be rounded. It is the most beautiful object in the templeand it is believed that it was built at the same time as the temple.

The Large Chedi

This is in mixed Chinese and European styles. It is an interesting building erected during the period of King Rama III.
Monks' Abodes
They are quite large and were built during the reign of King Rama V with brick and mortar, and wood. They are unusual pieces of architectural work adorned with lace-like carvings which were popular at that time.
The Ordination Hall
It was renovated both inside and out including the main Buddha image and others in A.D. 1908. There is another interesting object in the Hall; a carved wooden bed in Chinese style which is worth seeing.

Door pnels of the Oridination Hall decorated with designs in gilded lacquer

The Oridination Hall

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