Satun Province
Ko Kai, Tarutao National Park.
Ko Kai, Tarutao National Park.

The rocky beach of Ko Hin Ngam
The rocky beach of Ko Hin Ngam.

Mu Ko Phetra National Park.
Mu Ko Phetra National Park.

Tarutao National Park.
Tarutao National Park.

Satun is a small province, one of the southern Four Provinces where there are 80 percent of Thai Islamic population. It is every difficult to took for a pork dish, famous about its Ko Tarutao, the territory of pirates, beautiful Ko Adang-Rawi. Satun is located, some 973 kms. from Bangkok on the west coast of the Malayan Peninsula facing the Indian Ocean, occupying an area of 2,478 square kilometres.
It borders on Trang, Phattalung and Songkhla to the north; Perlis State of Malaysia to the south, Perlis State and Songkhla to the east and the Indian Ocean to the West. The area is of mountainous having the basin in the coastal area and there are more than 60 off-shore islands.
Tarutao National Park
The Park ia an archipelago situated in Tambon Ko Sarai, Amphoe Muang. It's the first marine national park of Thailand. The park consists of 51 islands covering the area of 1,490 square kilometres and could be divided into two main parts, i.e., Tarutao and Mu Ko Adang-Rawi.
Ko Tarutao is the biggest island in the park. It used to be the prison for long term punishment and political prisoners. There are many attractive beaches : Ao Phante Malaka, where the office of the park is situated ; Ao Mo Lae, Ao Son, etc. Furthermore, there are waterfalls, caves, view points, beautiful coral reefs accommodated various kinds of sea fauna and historical sites-ruined prisons at Ao Talo Udang and Ao Talo Wao, etc.
Mu Ko Adang-Rawi - These islands are situated 40 kms. west of Ko Tarutao being famous about seaturtle eggs, residential area of Chao Le....the sea gypsy having several neighbouring islands such as Ko Li Pe where beautiful undersea nature can be seen, Chao Le community with a school ; Ko Hin Ngam where very beautiful unsual looking rocks are seen ; Ko Khai, a small island with a strange looking natural stone arch where sea turtles laying eggs; and beautiful beaches and coral reefs at Ko adang-Ko Rawi, etc.
To go to the park is by taking boat from Pak Bara pier, Amphoe Langu. The best time to visit to the park is during November to May. Accommodations are available on Ko Tarutao and Ko Adang, contacts National Park Division, Royal Forestry Department, Tel. 579-0529, 579-4842, and there also private run accommodations on Ko Li Pe as well.

Mu Ko Phetra
This national park is in the area of Satun and Trang, comprises many islands as; Ko Phetra, a junk-shape island, Ko Khao Yai, Ko Lalobaentae, Ko Lidi, Ko Bulon, Ko Laoliang and Ko Pelama. The national park area covered along the coastline from Amphoe Langu to Amphoe Thung Wa. The officeof the national park is located on highway no.416, 3 kms. before Pak Bara Pier or 7 kms. from Amphoe Langu and 56 kms. from Satun township. Boat trips to the islands around the national park area are available from Pak Bara pier. Accommodations are available at the office of the park and on Ko Lidi, contacts National Park Division, Royal Forestry Department, Tel. 579-0529, 579-4842. And private run a accommodations are on Ko Bulon.

Thale Ban National Park

This is located in the area of Amphoe Muang and Amphoe Khuan Don, having an outlook as a logoon surrounded by mountains. There are a lot of fishes in the lagoon where the surrounding nature is beautiful. Furthermore, there are : Nam Tok Rani, a small waterfall near the office of the park; Nam Tok Yaroi, a medium size waterfall 7 kms. from the office of the park; Nam Tok Ton Pliu, the most beautiful waterfall of the park, situated some 6 kms. from Nam Tok Yaroi; Tham Lot Puyui, ab aquatic grotto can be reached by boat from Tammalang pier which is 9 kms. from town; Thai-Malaysian Border, only 2 kms. from the office of the park, etc.
To get to the National Park is by taking highway no.406 from town for 19 kms. and turn right to highway no.4184 for another 20 kms. Accommodations are available by calling National Park Division, Royal Forestry Department, Tel. 579-0529, 579-4842.