Songkhla Province

Lotus sea at Krasaesin District, Songkhla Province.

Songkhla is one of the most famous seaside resort towns of the South having Hat Yai, the junction of communication, as the gate welcoming Malaysian and Singaporean tourists to Thailand There are big and beautiful seaports and places of interest such as the lake, Ko Nu, Ko Maeo, Khao Noi, Khao Tangkuan, Leam Son, the beautiful Samila Beach.
Songkhla is located 950 kms. south of Bangkok, situated on the eastern side of the Malayan Peninsula occupying an area of 7,393 square kilometres, bordering on Nakhon Si Thammarat and Phatthalung to the north; Yala, Pattani and States of Kedah (Sai Buri) and Perlis of Malaysia to the south; the Gulf of Thailand to the east, Satun and Phatthalung to the west.

View Hat Yai City from Kaow Kowhong Hill
Tourist Attractions and Places of Interest :
Amphoe Muang
Songkhla National Museum
Wat Laem Sai
Pha Thammarong Museum
Phra That Pagoda
Laem Samila
The Old city wall
Wat Matchimawat

Chinese Lunar Festival
Out of City Attractions
Hat Yai
Thale Sap Songkhla or Songkhla Lake
Chao Mae Guoan-Im Image
Pagoda at Wat Pha Kho
Nam Tok Ton Nga Chang
Wat Klong Pay
Khu Khut Waterfowl Park
Ko Yo Fabric
Nam Tok Boriphat Forest Park
Kao Seng
Old Town at the Foot of Khao Daeng Hill
Hat Son On
Tinsulanond Bridge

Statue of Mermaid on Samila beach as a symbol of Songkhla

  • Laem Samila
    Another name of this cape is Laem Sai which is beach lined up with big pine trees having canvas picnic chairs underneath, provided by the beach food shops, as dining places. It is also the location of Samila Hotel. Two famous off-shore island, well known all over the country, are Ko Nu and Ko Maco.
  • Khu Khut Waterfowl Park
    This park is a residential area of hundred thousands of waterfowl. It is accessible from Sougkhla via a ferry trip crossing the Channel to Hua Khao Daeng to be continued via Highway No.4083 to Amphoe Ranond totalling a distance of 73 kms. where a3 kms. access road branches off on the left at Km.33 to Ban Khu where a long propeller shaft speed boat can be hired for sightseeing throughout the lake. Appropriate time for birds watching is in the cool season falling between November-February. There are hundreds of bird species in the Water Birds Khu Khut National Park. A boat tour service is offered at the Water Birds Park.

  • Khu Khut Waterfowl Park

  • Ko Yo Fabric
    Ko Yo is an island of approximately 14 square kilometres situated near the mouth of the Lake of Songkhla about six kilometres Songkhla provincial town. The island has nine villages all known for their locally-woven fabrics. Two groups of ethnic Chinese Thais today make a living from fishing, cultivating fruit platations, pottery and hand-woven fabrics - occupations they followed prior to relocating to Ko Yo.
    Nowadays, Ko Yo weaving tecniques and designs are not much different from other southern Thailand han-woven fabrics. At present there are around 400 families in 1,000 locations where villagers weave with looms. Popular designs include song (two) takor; see (four) takor; hok (six) takor; paed (eight) takor and sip (ten) takor, each number describing the weave. These are heary fabrics, woven from cotton and synthetic fibres and also from synthetic fibres combined with silk for pa sin (women's skirts), blouses and dresses; lighter fabrics are used for sarongs and pa kaoma (loin cloths). Popular designs are dok ratchawat lek; dok ratchawat yai; look kaew; dok pikul lek; dok hah nung; thepanom prik thai; Scottish designs; square designs or lai kria; lai look so and kao lam that (or diamond, as featured on a playing card.)
    Ko Yo hand-woven products have earned the islanders a good income, because the fabrics are beautifully coloured and have many popular designs, especially the Ratchawat, which is a typical Ko Yo fabric. Apart from the designs, the weaving techniques used by Ko Yo villagers are most interesting and worthy of close examination during your next visit to Ko Yo in Songkhla province.

  • Nam Tok Boriphat Forest Park
    From the street leading to Amphoe Hat Yai, turn left at Amphoe Rattaphum crossroad at Km.50. This place is a beautiful rest area. The waterfall cascades down admidst trees and limestones. There is a path provided for tourists to walk around the falls.

  • Kao Seng
    Kaoseng is located 3 kms. south of Laem Samila and it is one of the most beautiful beaches of Songkhla. There are several pieces of rock located along the coastline and one of which is outstandingly located above the cliff and the inhabitants call that rock as Hua Nai Rang having a legend that has been told for a long time about the nine hundred thousands baht valued property being buried underneath.

  • Old Town at the Foot of Khao Daeng Hill
    For those who are interested in history and archaeology, and interesting trip should be made to visit the area of old town. A boat trip from the fresh food stuff market place to the opposite bank of the lake where there are hundreds of households establishment. Walking along the foot hill area one can see the cemetery of Na Songkhla Family ancestors.

  • Hat Son On
    This beach is located in the northeast of Laem Samila. Hundreds of swaying pine trees provide cool shade and several restaurants offer simple but deliciously fresh seafood and deckchairs for beachside relaxation. The area is particularly attractive and popular late afternoon and evening.

  • Wat Matchimawat
    or Wat Klang, on Saiburi Road in Songkhla's largest monastery. The complex is some 400 years old and houses a musuem containing several ruins and artifacts discovered throughout southern Thailand.

  • Tinsulanond Bridge the longest concrete bridge of Thailand with the length of 2.6 kms. Completed in 1986, the bridge fills up the missing link for the whole southern highway system, which joins the major Southern Thai provinces on the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand.

    Koa Lae fishing boat at Hat Songkhla

    Festival and Celebrations Manual in Songkhla
  • Chinese Lunar Festival.
    This festival Salls in September - October every year.
    Thais of Chinese ancestry make offerings to the moon or Queen of the heavens in gratitude for past and future fortune. Traditional festivities include lion and dragon dances, lantern processions and contests, displays and folk entertainment.Tourist Attractions

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