Surin Province.

Bordering on the Kampuchean boundary, Surin today is well-known for its annual Elephant Round Up, which usually takes place in the third week of November and attracts visitors from all over the world. It is 457 kilometers from Bangkok.

Tourist Attractions and Places of Interest :

Prasat Hin Ban Pluang
Prasat Sikhoraphum
Surin Elephants Show
Basketry Village

Elephants Village
Prasat Hin Chom Phra
Silverware Villages

Prasat Sikhoraphum

Prasat Sikhoraphum

Located at Amphoe Sikhoraphum, the Prasat Sikhoraphum is composed of five prang (pagoda), with the principal structure measuring 32 meters high. Beautiful designs are engraved onto the columns. It is believed that the site had been renovated once during the Ayutthaya Period.

Prasat Hin Chom Phra
A small stone castle 28 kilometers from Surin town, the Prasat Hin Chom Phra probably used to be an idol temple built by the Khom. Today a large Buddha image is enshrined in front of the structure.

Silverware Villages, Ban Khwao Sinarin and Ban Chok located on the Highway 214 (Surin-Chom Phra route) with a 4 km. right turn between kms. 14-15, the 2 villages produce and put on sale assorted silver ornaments such as belts, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and watches. A large number of silverware shops line both side of the road.

Basketry Village, Ban Buthum 14 km. from the province on the Highway 226 (Surin-Sikhoraphum route). the village produces rattan baskets of various types. Basketry shops line both side of the road.

The Elephants Show.
Some 100 elephants will participate in this everpopular annual event, featuring wild elephant hunts, the gigantic creature's strength and intelligence. Also on show will be the spectacular re-enactment of the ancient war on elephants's backs, and a majestic elephant parade.
Surin Elephants Show is held in the third weekend of November. Internationally famous, this annual event brings crowds of visitors to provincial capital of Surin, where over 100 trained elephants are assembled. Among the spectacular features are wild elephant hunts, tugs of war, demonstrations of log hauling skills, and a parade of elephants outfitted for medieval warfare.

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