A Wicker ball game called Takraw.

The 'Takraw' or wicker ball is made of nine to eleven rattans weaved loosely into a round-shaped and hollow ball. It is 5 to 6 inches in diameter and weighs 160 to 180 grams.
The original circle type takraw is the popular game that people play for fun. It usually is not regarded as a competitive sport. The game begins as a team of 6 to 10 persons stand in a circle about 25 metres in diameter in diameter. All the players have to do is keep the ball airborne for as long as possible. The winner is selected from the team when points are scored by adding the smallest number of ground hits during the game. The exciting and competitive from of takraw, which is one of the disciplines the Southest Asian Games, is called Sepak Takraw, or net takraw.
Net takraw is played by two teams of three players eash. Each team confronts each other across a net, 2.5 m above ground across the centre of a 20 by 44 feet court. Similar to badminton, the object of the game is to ground the ball on the opponents side of the net.
The modern technique of the game is very much like volleyball, the crown of the head and the feet being used above net height to smash the ball into the opposite court.
Another variant of the game is ring takraw, where two teams of 6 to 7 players range themselves in a circle some 16 metres in diameter. In the centre is a cluster of hoops in triangular form some five metres above the ground.
Each player stands facing one of the hoop openings and scores are made by kicking, heading or otherrise propelling the ball through one of the hoops. The points scored vary according to the degree of difficulty of the particular mode of entry. Naturally, additional points are awarded for special techniques.

From .... A Wicker ball game called Takraw. Guide to the east, october/november 1996, page 53.

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